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Occupational therapy for



I complete comprehensive assessments which all come with detailed reports with specific recommendations on how to support your child.

All assessments take place in a familiar setting to your child e.g. the family home or education setting (i.e. nursery, school or college). This is key to forming a good idea of your child’s need and generally means your child will be more comfortable in the assessment (compared to a clinical or hospital setting).

Following the assessment, the report will be with you within 14 working days, often a lot sooner. As well as the findings of the assessment, specific interventions or additional assessment may be suggested.

child completing an assessment task
children at school desk
Evidence for EHCP applications

If you’re looking for evidence for application for a Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) then my reports are perfect for this.

My OT assessment is holistic and covers many factors which local authorities look at when determining whether a child should be assessed for a EHCP.

If you have already been told by the local authority that they agree to assess your child, then you can top up the OT report to include a quantitative intervention plan.

Direct Therapy

Dependent on the outcome of the assessment your child may benefit from a specific therapy or intervention. I use a range of approaches in order to meet your child’s needs.

Specialist therapies may include Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy®, Neurodevelopmental approaches and sensory-motor based approaches.

Dependent on your own goals or aspirations for your child, therapy will work on specific skills (using a bottom up approach) or success in an activity (using a top down approach). Therapy is always flexible and adaptive to your child’s needs.

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practicing fine motor skills on mat
Therapy programmes

Specific programmes of activities to support your child can be produced for use at home or within education settings. This often means you or education staff can provide the right support for your child. Programmes may include specific fine motor activity, gross motor activity, sensory based activity or sensory diets for example. Each programme is tailored to your child’s own needs.

Frequently asked questions

I've answered some frequently asked questions below, but please contact me with any other queries.

I work with young people across Kent and Medway.

I have experience of working with individuals across the life span. However, my specialism is working with children and young people. I work with children from birth to young adults up to the age of 18.

No, I am proud to work in the independent sector of health care. This means I can give a honest assessment of your child and what it is they need. However, I always work closely with local NHS services, charities, other independent services and educational settings.

Simply get in touch - you do not need to be referred by a health care professional or school to receive support from me.

Costs vary dependent on the specific support you are looking for, its best you get in touch so we can discuss your child's need and I will be able to provide you with a set fee.

Typically I can accommodate an initial assessment within 14 working days of you requesting me to work with your child.

Therapy takes place within the child's home environment, pre-school or school.

Prior to the assessment you will be asked to complete a online pre-assessment form, which provides me with lots of background information and your concerns. Following this the face to face assessment takes place. This normally lasts between 1.5 hours - 2 hours, this includes me giving you some immediate verbal feedback.

This depends on your child's needs or your goals for wanting support from me. The assessment is holistic and covers many areas which are key to a child's independence for example; daily living skills, play skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual perceptual skills, visual motor integration, mark making / handwriting and sensory skills (ie. sensory reactivity, regulation and discrimination). The assessment is always flexible to meet your child's needs.

All reports are sent out via Email within 14 working days of the assessment, but generally I try and get the report out to you within a few days.

Yes, absolutely. Once the assessment report has been issued to you, the report is yours to share with whoever you feel would find the information helpful.

Yes, the report can be used at the early stages of collecting evidence towards a EHCP. Dependent on the local authority, you may need to pay an additional 'top up' admin fee for me to write a quantitative intervention plan (once they have made the decision to assess). I use the 'top up' system to keep the assessment cost down for you - as some local authorities do not request a quantitative intervention - this way you only pay for what you need!

A personalised approach

I work closely with families, building an ongoing relationship to best meet the needs of their children. To discuss how I can support you, please get in touch.